Tuesday, June 10, 2008


First of all I hope you enjoyed dear Sarah's addition to the blog. She will be posting from here and there just to keep things fresh and interesting. Pictures of us in Boulder coming soon.
From Canmore to Scotland, Scotland to Boulder... all in a flash of wings and emotions and themes. Sonnie ended up doing his climb yesterday, I was already in Boulder. Thankyou to all of you who meditated on his success... I think it helped (wink). I think for a brief moment of defying gravity he became a pixel of pure human intelligence without conceptual limitations. You'll have to keep your eye out for the new video coming out from Hot Aches Productions (some of the nicest people in the world as well)... in fact, not to worry, I'll keep you posted.

It has been a hard week for me. The jet lag and the lack of yoga practice rendered me with a plurality of ailnesses that moved into my body and took over. It has been years since I have been so sick and put up the white flag. All coming at an inopportune time... starting the teacher training that I have wanted to do for years, and having to miss the second day of class (each day being a precious jewel). I ended up in the hospital after trying to no avail to get into a clinic. Boulder has a very nice hopital among other things. Everyone here is very pleasant. To make a long story short, I owe Sarah and her sister Tessa my life for being such patient and caring friends; I feel much better (sometimes drugs are... gulp... necessary) and I slept 12 hours last night!
Some amazing things came out of feeling sick and in pain. I was quieter and listened more.
This teacher training has illuminated me with this skill. Everything Richard seems to say leaves a residue inside me that resonates for hours. I never need to ask any questions because during the course of the day they are all miraculously answered. I am left with my tongue in silent contemplation and my mind is happy. My body feels like it is an energetic orb that is humming the tune of my favorite mantra. I am sure this month will be like a very very exquisite meal that leaves one sitting back... quietly... with an audible sigh and a mesmerized contentedness at the miracle of life. Soul food.
So walking to the studio this morning at 6, with my ipod blasting, I was finally overcome with the joy of being here... and then I tripped over my flimsy havaianas and fell smack on my face in the middle of the pavement. I got up quickly with my headphones all askew and my knees starting to turn purple and quickly did the 1-2 check to see if anyone had witnessed my belly flop.
Life is really hysterical. It has a wonderful way of keeping you humble. Of giving you a good dose of humour every once in a while. Whether it reminds you not to take yourself so seriously in the form of sickness or falling flat on your face, it shows you that there is something bigger that keeps you smiling and laughing at yourself with the understanding that crazy things will just keep on happening. It will keep making you eat the shadowy aspects of itself (and yourself) and even though they might not taste as decadent, they are spiritually nutritious. I am starting to think this is what keeps one vibrant.
And as Richard Freeman says...
"Beautiful is out... vibrancy is in!"
So my boyfriend is coming out with a big smile on his face, I am back to practicing regularly, meditating and eating organic (which takes care of my basic needs), and things are looking vibrant and sparkly again.

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Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear you feel ill (due to all the excitment going on in your life right now possibly), here's hoping you are feeling alot better now, or soon as the case may be.

Look forward to seeing that new video when it comes out, yes, keep us posted :)