Friday, June 6, 2008

Life as a moving meditation...

Everything that I own is once again packed into bags as I prepare to head south for 3 weeks. Moving is a healthy reminder for me of the volumes I accumulate in my life, and traveling the glimpse into how little I need to be at peace on this journey.

In many ways, experiences living on the road have taken me into the present moment of life - where awareness of the past and future seem to blur into the realm of inconsequential and depth in each moment becomes the essence of my life.

When I travel I read more. I write long letters and poems and my dreams are incredibly vivid - as if my subconscious awakens to share worthy lessons from below. I talk less and listen more. And, I find myself less concerned with groceries for the month and more aware of what i will eat for my next meal.

What can all this mean?

If life is a moving meditation, an ebb and flow of energy, a constant journey into
ourselves, an exploration of truth - it is the moments where i am fully present in each movement - the mornings where every forward fold takes me deeper, the days where every move on the climb absorbs me and every word in the book intrigues my mind - those are the times where i enter the meditation of life most deeply, where I viscerally absorb living with every cell in my body.

Of course, we strive to live in this place of total presence as often as we can, the same way we would love to find deeper awareness and calmness every day when we sit down to meditate and breath. But in this moving meditation of life there are moments of clutter and moments of intense clarity.

For me, traveling consistently provides the space for me to nurture, learn and grow from being fully present and clear in my life.

I have arrived in Boulder - finished my first class with Richard where i found myself thoroughly amazed by the simplicity of the little yellow building called The Yoga Workshop - it is a beautiful space.

Lydia will be here tomorrow...arriving after a week by the sea in Scotland! For a while we'll roam this town together.

I wish everyone in Canmore a wonderful month - stay dry and i'll see you in July!

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