Friday, September 2, 2011

Our marriage happened last weekend.
Here are some of the quiet moments.

Stepping into a circle of rocks carried to the cedar alcove by family and friends.
We slide out of our shoes to enter the sphere.

Bare feet, blades of grass intertwine underneath our soles/souls? like lightly closed eyelashes. The earth meets our feet, allowing our roots to grow 9 feet deep and incline towards each other.

Not even a breeze, gale force love. Long beams of light.

"I do"

I promise to see the mystery in you each day.

Close enough to smell each other. Feeling the warm smile of mothers and fathers wrapping a supportive cloak around our backs, that we can lean into.

Toaist Tadasana. Taking lessons from the trees. Feeling the shine of the unapologetic daisies. Learning how to stand together.

"Yoga is not standing on your head--Yoga is standing on your own two feet."

From this day forward, I want to live in the flow with you.