Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sticking Around for a While

I was perusing Banyan Books some short while ago. There was an older fellow manning the front desk, he may have been the owner of the store to my limited knowledge.
I was looking for a book by the name of "Opening the Energy Gates of the Body" by Bruce Frantzis. (A book my teacher Gioia keeps reading from.)
I asked the kind gentleman if he knew if they carried the book (this particular store has an immense selection of books, video and audio for the mind body and soul... "the watering hole for the spirit"). Without a glance at the screen in front of him or even a moment lost he said "yes" and immediately escorted me, padding his way on the orange carpet, to the glossy new book. He slipped it out of it's shelf and gave it to me. It felt like what Christmas should feel like.
I was impressed he located it so effortlessly and commented. He replied, "You stick around long enough and you learn a thing or two."
He had shiny eyes and they seemed to be portals to some experience that I have not yet acquired.
I smiled with appreciation and nodded silently, grateful for brushing up against someone in an age group that seems like a phantom limb to me, and for the words of wisdom.
On the way back to Squamish, past the arbutus trees and the soaring bald eagles, I rested in the gentle feeling of contentment. The subtle yet powerful feeling that comes from committing to a good friend, a relationship, a practice, a community and a home. Some things that I humbly hope to learn from sticking around for a while.

Thanks to Ben Moon for photography.
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