Friday, June 20, 2008

From the mountains to the sea...

It is amazing to be so close to the ocean - the smell is so foriegn to my dry rocky mountain nose. Wet air filled with the vibrant scent of growing flowers and trees - this place is very alive! Blooming flowers, ripening citrus trees on every street, salty air, dolphins swimming...

I(Sarah speaking here...not Lydia) have now been in Encinitas, California for a week, studying with Tim Miller. Tim was the first North American teacher to be fully certified to teach Ashtanga yoga. He has been teaching here for almost 30 years. Check out his website at As a teacher, Tim's presence and work ethic are energizing - he is the first to arrive each day, often teaches 3 classes plus 5 hours of teacher training each day...leading through example, the way he was taught by his Guru, Pattabi Jois. It is indeed motivating to study with someone who is willing to work so passionately doing something he loves.

The days start early with pranayama at 6, then mysore practice. The studio drips with humidity before bodies even begin to move and sticky yoga mats become slip and slides. The room is packed with as many mats as it can fit. It is an inspiring place to deepen the experience of the ashtanga yoga practice, as there are many regulars who have been practicing for decades at the studio.

Beyond practice time, we spend five hours each afternoon breaking down asanas, talking about indian mythology, astrology and the yoga sutras among other things.

Amidst busy yoga days I have been staying in a cute little cabin in a family's backyard with my sister who is hear on a little yoga holiday..i found it on craigslist. It is perfect. My sister, Tessa, left today to return to southern ontario - so i'll have the place to myself for the next week. It was bittersweet to see her go, as time together is so wonderful and rare, but i know it will be great to enjoy some rare time all to myself over the next week.

more soon.
enjoy the pic's of coastal livin' in California.

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