Monday, July 28, 2008

Mysore Workshop in Canmore #3

The workshop in Canmore was really grounding for me. It was amazing to share some of what I learned with Richard Freeman and have instant feedback from all the students on new ways to see the practice. Sarah still receives the Most-Generous-and-Supportive-Best-Friend Award from me. Sonnie and I stayed in her place all week, albeit on the kitchen floor, it was incredible to have a place to relax in.
It turns out another good friend, Jesse Huey, has offered us a place for two more weeks here in Canmore. We are feeling the gratitude to have such amazing and gracious friends. We (Sonnie and I) are both really looking forward to having a place of our own someday to return the favor of being warm and welcoming hosts to all the good people we know. We love you all!
Being as flaky as dandruff lately and moving around so much has brought to light many things to be thankful for. One being that time takes on a new sense of bodilessness. It moves from being mechanical to being a miracle that unfolds new experiences. Eating when hungry. Cuddling at 3 in the afternoon. Climbing till the sun crests the west and you can almost hear it saying goodnight.
Even though the pocket book looks slim theses days and the bed keeps moving and changing forms, life is beautiful in it's metamorphoses, and it's magnitude tells us that there is much more than having a condo somewhere.

Although having a condo somewhere would REALLY be brilliant.


Isaac Tait said...

I had my first yoga class yesterday. It was amazing! I now know why everyone loves it so much. I am most definitely going back soon. Hope all is well with you.

Warm Regards,
Isaac T.

Lydia said...

The first yoga classes are some of the best! I think I may be still chasing that feeling. Yum.
Hope you are having some great climbing days out there in the sun.