Monday, July 27, 2009

Quiet thoughts, and an upcoming workshop with Ron Reid

Morning everyone...

Below is a poster we've made for an upcoming workshop with Ron Reid (click on the poster to make it bigger!).

He'll be in Squamish in a few weeks and anybody who is around and interested in learning from one of Canada's most innovative and experienced yogi's should come join!!

The heat is on here in Squamish!!
One day after another of bluebird skies and intense afternoon heat - not to mention the amazing lightening storm that exploded over the chief a few nights ago.
The sky was yellow!!

Yesterday Lydia and I went on a walk in search of quiet shade. A place to sit and be with the damp, misty forest after the stormy evening. We found a great spot by Alice Lake, and after an hour or so of silence we wrote a poem together. Hope you like it!!

The sound of this world.
shh, can you hear it??
Soft white river rushes by.
Barren tree tops pointing out new directions.

Drip, Drip, Drip - from above.

Wet earth, the smell of leaves,
mind settles into the forest floor.

Little river outside, little river inside.
flowing, moving,
changing - breathing.
as the cool wind weaves a blanket for us.
reminding us that everything we need is here.

Emptiness and fullness together,
in the sounds of this world -
and the silence of this moment.
Shhh, can you hear it??

thanks for reading.
stay cool - breath deep - enjoy the sunshine.

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