Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Poem from Long Beach

Where does the beach end and the ocean begin?
When does a seed become a plant?
At what point does this experience turn to memory?
and, that memory into a story...?

My story versus your story,
This truth or that one.

Which is right or which is wrong?
either -
both -

In a culture so obsessed with absolutes,
this world is so full of blurry lines.

Starring into myself sometimes, there is ME.
often, there are endless vivid questions,

Where does mind end and body begin?
Can you -
or me -
or we,
touch the blurry line at the edge of our ego's?

And, realize for a moment -
You are me
I am the ocean
The beach is the ocean
The ocean is me.


and now i'm back in squamish

this morning I ate
red lettuce
from the earth behind my house.

thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

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