Friday, March 6, 2009

The time is now - Stretching Kindness

So, tomorrow morning we will host the first few classes at our new studio in Squamish. The past few weeks have been so busy and so full that it has been hard to fully comprehend the reality of my days. And, even crazier to look back and believe that I moved to Squamish barely 2 weeks ago.

Today, for the first time since i got here we found ourselves with nothing on our list of things to we sat on the massive roof top of our studio and marveled at...the granite peaks, the warm sunshine and the company of a good friend who has come all the way from Canmore to join us for the opening. Erin, it means so much to have you here.

The space is beautiful.
The time is now - to share and breath and grow together.
The time is now - to share and grow with this remarkable planet.
And if the time isn't now, what is it we are doing with our lives??

All classes this weekend are by donation and %50 of the proceeds will be donated to Pacific Wild, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and protecting the west coast wildlife and forests. You can find out more about their efforts at

Also, if you like...check out the link to an article in today's Squamish Chief with a little more information on the opening weekend. Thanks to Neil for helping us to spread the love for yoga in Squamish.

The title on the cover of today's paper was amazing - Stretching Kindness!!

Thanks again to all of our supporters!


Suzanne said...

Kewl. I look forward to a gentle session, first time for me, plus I am pregnant now, though not yet showing publically at least :)

Anonymous said...

So Great! Read the article in the paper. Congrats on your grand opening! I hope all goes well. The full moon mediation sounds amazing!!

Leanne Eagle said...

Hello Lydia and Sarah! I love your posts and have enjoyed watching the progress of your new Squarmish Studio from afar (in Australia). Congratulations on the opening and my most heart felt wishes for a successful and fulfilling future for The Yoga Studio! You are both truly inspirational and I hope to one day be a "regular" again. Ciao for now, Leanne xx

Ritesh said...

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Luke Iwabuchi said...

Hello Lydia, nice blog! studio looks great. smiles from boulder, Luke I.