Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two heads are better then one....the dream continues!

Happy holidays to you all!

It's Sarah and Lydia writing together, amazing!

We've spent most of the past week drinking tea, brainstorming, registering The Yoga Studio and crunching numbers for the startup of the new adventure...we've also taken long snowy walks, sat still, practiced with Ron Reid and Micheal Stone, laughed till our stomachs ached, enjoyed amazing food and played scrabble way passed our bedtimes.

We've also been loving the company of the Cooper's Hawk (we think?) that seems to have taken a liking to my parents property.

It is so amazing to be together!
Two heads are indeed better then one.

As I write, Lydia is searching for grant applications on the internet so that we can reduce the start-up costs of this project. If anyone has any suggestions of grants that may apply to a yoga studio dedicated to community building and environmentally conscious living please let us know.

Mostly we wanted to write and let you all know that we thank you for your support and hope that you have a wonderful white holiday season. We heard on the news that this is the first time in over four decades that all Canadians, coast-to-coast, will enjoy a white Christmas - what an amazing country we live in!!?

Also, check out our new updated website -

so much love.
sarah and lydia.

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