Friday, December 12, 2008

A dream to share....

Hey all,

It's been a while since i've posted so a big hello to all of you who are joining and reading from time to time.

And, thankyou for your support!

Another winter storm has arrived in Canmore. This storm is coming from the north and is bringing a deep freeze - temperatures aren't supposed to rise above minus 20 all weekend. I suppose it's a good excuse to cuddle up by the fire and read or watch a movie. I am currently roasting root vegetables and making squash soup to enjoy with Scott over this chilly weekend...

As the opening of The Yoga Studio in Squamish approaches, I am pondering lots of ideas around what yoga has brought to my life and what I am inspired to share with people on this path. I have always been attracted to deep, real human relationships and this practice exposes and challenges me to more honestly relate to myself so that in turn i can better relate and open myself to the world (both people and places!).

In more ways then i can know, yoga is about relationship...and if it's not, then what is it teaching us?? To put our legs behind our heads??

It is clear that there are deeper dimensions to the practice but i think it is important to ask ourselves often...and to be honest about how this 'yoga' is enriching our lives?
Making us more open to growing?
Less attached to patterns within ourselves that hold us back -
towards truth and honesty with ourselves and the world around us?

This is the yoga i really want to share with people. The physical yoga practice is a path to liberation in the body, which so many of us have been imprisoned by at some point in our lives. And, I love to teach and share about learning's i've had in my own asana practice as a gateway to a deeper sense of truth.

But, as the holidays approach, I am thinking lots about family and friends. And I am inspired to share gratitude with the community that makes up my life. Thank you all so much for making my life so wonderful and for teaching me in the ways that you do.

The yoga of the holidays for me will be walking by the lake with my family,
staring into the eyes of my lover,
sitting down to beautiful meals prepared by my amazing mother,
listening to my sister play the guitar,
playing chess with my brothers and my dad,
embracing my oldest friend and her new son, Grae
and breathing deeply with gratitude for this life.

I head east on Monday to meet up with Lydia in Toronto.
Together we will breath, laugh and learn on this new path as business owners.
We are so excited to spend some time putting energy into the vision we share.
A dream of creating a space,
A passion for sharing community and real relationships
- with people and places in this world.

So much love to all of you over the holidays - enjoy the moments!


Sarah and Lydia said...


nicki said...


your words of reflection and relationships bring a warm gratitude to me. this blog of open sharing and life's adventure contribute to enabling others into that vulnerable place of sharing...amazing! i wanted to be in touch because i coming to live in canmore in january and although your time left in canmore is brief, it would be wonderful to connect.
if you want to be in touch, my email address is

be well and may all your visions for the holidays comes to fruition.

nicki ~

Sarah and Lydia said...


Thanks so much for your note - i look forward to seeing you in Canmore in January.

Enjoy the holidays - are you back in ontario enjoying the all the fresh white stuff??

see you in January!