Sunday, August 17, 2008

One of Mother Earth's Temples...

'Now and then it is necessary
to seclude our selves in the deep mountains
and hidden valleys
and return to the source.' Morchei Ueishiba

A few weeks ago I made the trek up to Applebee Dome in Bugaboo provincial park. We arrived just as the storm clouds left and enjoyed 4 days of summer alpine granite play. Below are some amazing pictures Scott took and a few words I jotted down amidst the beauty of it all...enjoy!

Alpine granite - steep shaded walls compose a skyline beyond this language.
Fake but real.

Up close the walls are filled with green gardens
snowmelt waterfalls
and cracks to fill our days.

In the company of a warm soul
a soft heart
eyes more blue then the clearest of skies.

I pinch myself to see if its' real, and it is.

Each day i am grateful for all that is in this life. I am filled with gratitude for the people, opportunities, places and dreams that grace my days.

I leave in a week to travel to Brazil to guide a river trip on the Amazon. In the context of yoga, these adventures challenge me to let go of any attachment or expectations i have to the physical yoga practice.

On journeys to remote mountains and rivers I always make time to move in my body. And, I find that I often breath deeper and move more gracefully while connected to the rhythms of this remarkable planet.

Mentally these expeditions keep me grounded it what is really important in life - free from the clutter of my life I am reminded that food, clean water, a thin nylon shelter, good work and good sleep, a supportive community and laughter can take me farther in life then money and amenities ever will.

Spiritually, I really believe that I am closer to my truth when i am deep in the heart of the wilderness...breathing deeply and amazed by this world.

So, I suppose these expeditions are just a different flavour of yoga - or as lydia talked about in the last blog - Yoga is delving into and accepting what is yoga.

If I don't see you before I head south...i'll post occassionally from the amazon...much love and i look forward to seeing you all in late october.

stay wild.

p.s. Lydia has officially left Canmore. and i miss her like crazy - she is a dream of a friend, and an inspiring women to work and practice beside.


Izzy said...

Be wild in the Amazon :)

I love your blog especially the yoga philosophy...keep it up.

Here's the article about the guy who swam the Amazon...have fun..


Lydia said...

isabelle - thanks for the tip, i will check out the link for sure, sounds like an amazing story.
have a great few months,

S said...

"Welcome to Vancouver Lydia and Sonnie" :)

Hope to see you around..