Thursday, April 10, 2008

Firmly Established in Fun

I am of the school of thought that the child in us is the most ancient and sacred part of our whole.
Could our impulse to take ourselves seriously and to internalize what others think of us be eclipsing our pure energy?

If so, I would like to throw them off my boat in an attempt to keep it afloat.

If I am to be firmly established in truth I should see a dandilion as a flower and not a weed. I should be open to being tickled and getting my feet dirty.

If I am to be established in freedom I may need to practice this by kartwheeling.

It is the truth that we were made to climb things and stand/walk on our hands, to make out in the tall grass and give each other eskimo and butterfly kisses. To sing really loud and out of tune.

It's time to make a paradigm shift to playfulness.

If it is ignorance of our real nature that causes the self to be obscured , I will peel away the fear and anger and go swimming in the rain or stare into the campfire wrapped in a blanket. Laugh effortlessly. Fall painfully in love.

If I must stimulate friendly feelings among all, I should smile huge and wink at people when they least expect it.

I plan to make the nascent direction to return to the ancient.

C'mon. Some fun should be there.


Isaac Tait said...

that is beautiful. I really like your blog. I'll definitely stop by again soon.

Warm Regards,
Isaac Tait @ 5.10

blackcomb said...

I agree with your comments. Very sweet, very true. Don't worry, be happy; just 'be who you are' :)

I like your blog too.
Take care.

vivienne said... true! how true!
Your blog lydia, is the true essence of you!