Monday, April 14, 2008

Rising to love

Falling in love can be many things. It can be an afternoon in an atmosphere of delight. It can be waking up. It can be crying to the sound of your own heart breaking.
It can break you into small pieces that fly like spores in the wind to the foot of another. Your memory fails you and you choose to commit to falling again like a mother birthing the next child.

But Is it not you that falls in love? And is it not from this love that you create that you have to rise from again like a phoenix rises from it's ashes, more brilliant than before in it's transformation?

The shimmering and provocative gloss of falling in love may be a shred of the kind of energy we want to live with. Understanding it and prolonging it has more to do with our own ability to stand alone dripping with a lust for life. It has more to do with falling in love with the lover in the center of our own heart in order to rise to love another. Shouldn't it be rising instead of falling?

Is relationship truly with the other or with ourselves or both?

"To be loving should become our very personality. It should be our state of being, it should not depend on "to whom". But all lovers want the beloved to love only them, to love no one else. But they don't know that one who cannot love all, cannot love anyone."

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Kurt said...

I am a new blogger and just stumbled upon your post. I really enjoyed it. Thankyou.