Monday, February 2, 2009

The Art of Not Trying...

So, it's been over a week since Rameen Peyrow was in Canmore for a workshop. Over 55 people joined in the yoga lounge to soak up a little of Rameen's contagious inspiration, to move and breath, and to connect to some deeper sense of this path of yoga.

When lots of ideas are presented i often want to let things simmer for a while to gain a real sense of what is really meaningful for me at this point on my journey. Immediately following workshops we are often flooded with information - and it is through this simmering process that we can let go of holding on too tightly to somebody elses ideas. And through this, space is created for our own ideas, our own authentic teacher to begin to grow inside of us.

Rameen spoke often last weekend of his 'art of not trying.' He commented on the way amazing things happen when we let go of this notion of trying. Now, on the surface I think this is a hard thing to understand or rationalize? Clearly there is effort as we move and breath in our asana practices, some intention is necessary to begin to explore the depths of a seated meditation practice, and deepening relationships is not an easy thing...surely we must TRY??

What on earth is Rameen alluding to with his 'art of not trying'??

Letting go.
Creating the space to observe and learn,
without expectations or judgment.

The ability to settle into this present moment,
as what IS,
while maintaining a connection
to the reality of ever present and constant change in our lives.

Trying without trying.
A world of contradictions.
And within this a world of truth
and freedom
and happiness.


This morning was the first day of a two week mysore workshop I am running here in Canmore. It will be my last teaching here before heading to Squamish. I woke before 5 to head down to the lounge to do my own practice before teaching...except i couldn't find my car keys anywhere. Ahhh!! It's super early and i don't want to wake up Scott so I TRY really hard to find my keys quietly...of course in the process of TRYING so hard nothing ever happens, and in the moment where i surrendered and decided to stop looking i found the keys...ahh, the art of not trying is everywhere!

Another theme I have taken from Rameen's workshop relates to my recent curiosity with the pose Salabhasana. The locust pose (i.e.Lying on your stomach - hands by your side, lift shoulders and feet so that there is a gradual curve along your spine). This is a great pose for strength and support along the spine. I have been spending time over the past month holding salabhasana for long periods of time, followed by cobra, then upward dog. In every vinyasa. Some of Rameen's Satva sequencing followed on this theme. It is an amazing way to explore opening the upper spine and shoulders without compromising the lower back. Also, explore keeping the legs slightly internally rotated, groins deep and bum and video of this sequencing soon!!

Thanks again to Rameen and Sarah for joining us last weekend, you are both a wonderful and inspiring gift! I can't wait for you to visit our little studio in Squamish in September. To find out more about their yoga studio and Rameen's teachings check out



Matt and Jorden said...

Sarah...the keys thing made me smile so big!!!

Sarah and Lydia said...

jor...some things never change!! thanks for the comment and for reading. sarah

kt said...

Several times in the gym's bouldering cave, I've walked up to a new problem while chatting with friends, early in my session, still relaxed, pulled on and sent easily. A day or two later, I've returned to the same problem, serious and focused, "tried" to repeat it, and failed. This has to be the same thing. But... how to reproduce that intuitive, open state intentionally? So elusive!