Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For my Mother

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

It has been a while since i've written - so inspired but lost for words of how to describe the gift of life and learning. I've also been busy, settling back into the Rockies after an amazing holiday with my family in Ontario. Just over a month in these mountains, surrounded by a wonderful community that has given me so much. I am enjoying every moment!

And, within each moment i am becoming more and more excited for the new adventure in Squamish.

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday.
If i could give her a hug and walk by the lake with her i would, but with provinces between us - i'll share my love for her below.

Gifted with grace, openness and a true passion for life she teaches me each and everyday.

In love with her garden
her books, her family and her children.
So much so that i often wonder when she makes time for herself.

Amazed by the simplicities of this often overly complex world.
Patient and so unconditionally giving of her love and her energy.

Over the holidays someone commented that we would turn our heads for a moment and my mom would have another gourmet meal on the table.

Yoga is so much about surrender to the truths of being alive.
And within surrender is absolute freedom.
So many of the lessons i am humbled by in this life my mother embraces in a simple, modest way.
Friend, mother, sister and lover - you are so beautiful.
I love you.

The photos are from the time i spent by Lake Ontario with my family over the holidays.
Thank you to all of you for being such an inspiring part of my life.

Family can mean so many different things to different people. Either way, it is the people who are closest to us that can teach us the most about ourselves in relationship to this world. As long as we have ears to listen??

love to all of you!
p.s. Our website is all updated, feel free to check it out and share your thoughts. www.theyogastudiosquamish.com - less then two months until our opening weekend!

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