Friday, September 5, 2008

jungle lullaby

Goodnite friends,

Tonight the jungle will sing me to sleep and tomorrow we shall leave for the river.

For a brief while that will feel like a moment and a lifetime
i'll live
and paddle,
and explore,
myself and this wild world.

I will be with the river, meet it where it is and flow with its' current, become a part of its' ageold story...
and i, hope that its' story will embed itself in my being -
the same way all wild places connect me to something deeper then i can know,
some other dimension beyond written word, but one that i am sure exists.
A reality that is union with all that is,

more stories in a month
ciao amigas et amigos!

1 comment:

isabelle said...

i keep thinking of you these days and i hope you are having a great time in Brazil! you definately are in inspiration to me, you seem to embrace everything in this life so sincerely. i really like this blog, it's great to hear from both of you guys.
as for me, i am seriously thinking about taking a yoga teacher training course in a year or so, i just feel like sharing with others how yoga makes me feel and help them toward their own personal healing, and i would like to feel like i am truly living and breathing yoga you know, not only praticing. i want to learn as much as i can about this way of life that connects us more easily to our true self.
I send you a lot of love and keep paddling beatiful friend!
enjoy Brazil and this new way of living.
love and peace to you and everyone! see you in oct-nov..when you get back!
isabelle xxxx