Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I've come back to Canmore into open arms and a loving community whom some of, I think, are the world's most super people. However, coming back from travelling still poses it's challenges.
Not so much the yearnings for the past, or for new experiences, but for noticing how quickly one falls back into old habits and patterns in a setting of familiarity. After studying yoga and philosophy in India for a few months I am even more aware of my patterns and relapses, which adds an extra challenge... a little more stickiness.
How does one go down, down into the rooms and chambers of the mind and sweep out all the eddies of dust? The lingering wisps of insecurity and the cobwebs of regret? Or the chambers of the heart even? Maybe one goes bravely. "Getting down to the ick..." as a dear friend calls it. We are convinced that we will have to enjoy that space. Put on the music and start cleaning.

Speaking of getting down to the ick, I have been feeling a close approximation to this in my physical practice lately. Inspired by Marci Naujokat to focus on eradicating bad habits in my body that I inadvertantly befriended in Mysore. This has made my practice a little more of a sobering experience for the last couple of weeks.
Yesterday, with a little help from a great teacher (and an even better friend) I stood alone in a posture that is incredibly difficult for me, a posture that I didn't see myself achieving for a few years, and for a moment I was free from doubt.
Maybe effort isn't pointless and the result of working and cleaning could be standing (extremely happily) alone.
Don't give up.

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